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Dear Mississippi Healthcare Executives:

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Welcome to 2017! As we work to catch up after the holiday season, we find ourselves in a different place than when our last newsletter was published in October 2016. The potential for a significant change to our regulatory and legal environment is very high. What a difference a couple of months can make!

As a history buff, I tend to look at great people from the past to find encouragement and motivation to face challenges. One of my favorites is Sir Winston Churchill. Churchill was a two-time Prime Minister of Great Britain and led the country through World War II. He was known for being tough, yet open minded and positive about the outcome of his efforts. One of my favorite Churchill quotes is, “I like a man who grins when he fights.”

The interpretations I have read lead me to believe he encouraged us to be happy and confident leaders. The attitude and assured nature we project has a profound effect on our organizations, regardless of leadership level. So, a grin and a positive nature while facing challenges will bring out the best in everyone.

We also want to remind everyone about our winter meeting which will take place February 2-3 at the Mississippi Hospital Association offices. We have two all-star panels moderated by Dr. Josh Luke from the faculty of the University of Southern California and Alvin Hoover, CEO of King’s Daughters Medical Center. We are very excited about this education opportunity. We will also announce a new chapter program to assist those taking the Board of Governors Exam in route to their Fellow status.

Healthcare professionals are a resilient and noble group. There is no doubt we will work through the uncertainty and changes to come with the same focus we have always had – that of patients and community.  Keep grinning!

With great respect,

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