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President's Message

President’s Message – Q3 2018

Posted: January 11, 2019 at 3:40 pm   /   by   /   comments (0)

Dear Mississippi Healthcare Executives:   

The Mississippi Healthcare Executives recently received the results of our ACHE chapter’s 2018 survey results, and we wanted to share the findings with all of our members. Thank you to the over 200 members who took the time to give us feedback on how we can improve. Our chapter’s response rate this year of 41% is well above the national chapter average of 37%. The board will use this feedback to plan for the coming year.

To ready the board in planning for 2019, I have some additional questions apart from the survey for members. Please reply to this email with your responses, and they will be shared with the board during our upcoming planning session.

1. Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve awareness of our chapter’s activities and services? 

2. Do you have any ideas on how we can increase attendance at chapter meetings and events? (Currently, we host a panel offering ACHE face-to-face credit in each of the southern, central and northern parts of the state, in addition to our summer meeting in Alabama and winter meeting in Madison.)

3. Is cost ever a factor in your not attending a meeting? 

4. Your responses show that networking opportunities are of high importance to you. What kinds of networking opportunities would you like to see within our chapter?

5. Your answers show community service opportunities are of high importance to you. What kinds of service opportunities would you want to see the chapter offer?

6. How can our ACHE chapter help further your career and your career development?

7. Are you interested in being a mentor? Or being mentored?

8. What assistance do you most need in preparing for Fellow advancement?

Currently, our chapter offers the maximum number of face-to-face hours allowed by ACHE. They allow 12 hours for each independent chapter, and we always take advantage of all of our local hours. We wanted to make sure that our members understood that, as offering more ACHE face-to-face education was mentioned in the survey comments.

Community service opportunities are also important to our members, and community service hours are required for Fellow advancement. Because of this, we are organizing a service project for our upcoming annual meeting. If you are trying to collect service hours for advancement, we especially encourage you to let us know and get involved in receiving credit for the hours. (Reply to this email if you are interested in serving.)

Opportunities to mentor and be mentored also rated high in your feedback. This fall, we held our first panel just for health administration students focusing on career development. We offered free booths to all school programs. We hope to continue to partner in the coming year with the schools, and we will work to increase opportunities to mentor and be mentored in the coming year.

Fellow advancement assistance is also essential to our members, and this fall we offered a low-cost webinar series to members, allowing them to get prepared right at their desk. The board will continue to look for ways to assist with fellow advancement as increasing the number of fellows in our chapter is a goal.

Thanks again to those who took the time to reply to the survey. Your feedback will help us better meet your member needs in 2019!


Chandler Ewing